Manentine’s Day, one month after Valentine's Day, is the day to reciprocate love and celebrate the man in the relationship! LEARN MORE »

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Top 10 Rules for Manentine's Day

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    Plan For Your Man!

    Use the “Official Top 10 Rules For Manentine’s Day” as your guide to create the ideal day for your man. … read more →

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    Dress To Impress

    Manentine’s Day is the day to wear an outfit that makes your man say “WOW.”  If your man enjoys shopping, … read more →

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    Present A Man Bouquet

    Men might not want roses but they still deserve something to make them feel special.  Great manly alternatives to flowers … read more →

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    Do Something Sporty

    There’s no better way to celebrate with your man then to plan a sporty activity for Manentine’s Day. Below are … read more →

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    Go To A Manly Restaurant

    What food does your man crave? The top choice for men is usually steak and Manentine’s Day is the day … read more →

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    Cook or Bake Something

    It’s said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Men love good food and Manentine’s Day … read more →

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    Surprise Him With A Gift

    Men love to receive gifts too! But not just any gift will do. Below are gifts ideas that are sure to … read more →

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    Do Something Relaxing

    Life can be stressful and as much as your man might hide it, he could use some time to relax. … read more →

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    Stroke His Big Ego

    Manentine’s Day is the day to make your man feel like a king! Here are some ego boosting tips to … read more →

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    Sexy-Time is an important part of Manentine’s Day and will certainly be one of your man’s most anticipated activities. This … read more →

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