Manentine’s Day, one month after Valentine's Day, is the day to reciprocate love and celebrate the man in the relationship! LEARN MORE »

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Answers From Valentina


Question: Who created the “10 Rules For Manentine’s Day”? Why were the “Rules” created? Do I have to follow all 10 of them?

Valentina’s Answer: Great question! The answer to the first question is easy. I (Valentina) created the “10 Rules” based on what my husband, Joe Manentine, enjoyed. The rules have been adapted to fit more modern times, but still fit with the “likes” of many men. The rules were created to help people plan Manentine’s Day for their significant other. They are just guidelines that are good for people to remember so they can plan a memorable day for their mate. The rules help with brainstorming ideas, but really the most important thing is making sure that you plan things that your man likes. One need not follow all 10 rules on Manentine’s Day, just put thought, love, and an extra touch of manly-ness into your plans for March 14th and everyone should be happy! Learn More – The Official 10 Rules Of Manentine’s Day


Question: Does a day like Manentine’s Day exist in other cultures?

Valentina’s Answer: Yes, a day like Manentine’s Day does exist in other cultures. China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan celebrate a romantic holiday called White Day on March 14th as well, one month after Valentine’s Day, in their culture. However, in these countries women give men romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day, while men are supposed to return the favor on White Day. Outside of these Asian cultures, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in its more common form, with a man celebrating his love for a woman, while on Manentine’s Day a woman reciprocates her love for the man. Learn More – White Day


Question: Why celebrate Manentine’s Day if couples celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day? Are men not celebrated on Valentine’s Day?

Valentina’s Answer: Let’s be honest, who get’s the maddest/saddest among the couple, if Valentine’s isn’t celebrated each year? Usually the women. Who typically does all the planning, buys the gifts, and pays for the day? Usually the man. While Valentine’s Day is to celebrate the love for one another, it is typically skewed toward the women in the relationship.

Manentine’s Day is the day to also celebrate the love for one another, but this holiday is skewed towards the man. It is a great way to reciprocate, praise, and bring equality to the relationship. If your man plans a great Valentine’s Day, treat him to his own Manentine’s Day, he’s earned it, just like in the story of Valentina and Joe Manentine. Learn More – See History of Manentine’s Day


Question: Do I have to be straight to celebrate Manentine’s Day?

Valentina’s Answer:  No, you do not need to be straight to celebrate Manentine’s Day.  Manentine’s Day is an inclusive holiday with the aim of increasing equality in relationships! As an example of how a homosexual couple could celebrate – one person could be celebrated on Valentine’s Day and the second person could be celebrated on Manentine’s Day, that way both people can have their own special day.

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